Course image Welcome in your new life as an NCP
NCP skills

Are you a newly nominated NCP and you would like to understand better your role and expected activities?

If so, please, enroll to this course and you will get all the information you need to successfully perform your new role.

Course image Welcome to your new role as Partner Country NCP
NCP skills

This course has the aim of informing EU Partner Countries NCPs about their role within the Horizon Europe programme and the expected activities that will be required from them, as well as the main support services that EU Partner Countries NCPs should guarantee to their clients.

Course image Quick course through the tools of the Funding and Tenders Portal
NCP skills

The course presents the use of the Funding and Tenders portal in terms of searching for new funding opportunities, identifying partners, finding sources of support, and submitting proposals. The  Horizon Dashboard's applications are also explained.