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Course image European Union for Beginners
European Union

Have you ever received a clear and concise explanation about EU's history and institutions?

If not, please, enroll to this course. You will obtain an overview of the EU history, itch 8 institutions with especial focus on the most relevant for Research and Innovation. As well as contact persons relevant for NCPs and their respective roles.

Course image HORIZON EUROPE – about the Programme
Horizon Europe programme

Would you like to understand the overall mission and basic rules of the Horizon Europe programme?

If so,  please, register to this course. You will find the most relevant information about the program as well as the ways of finding information about specific areas of your interest.

Course image HE Partnerships: navigating a unique collaborative research instrument
Horizon Europe programme

The course offers a comprehensive overview of the European Partnerships within Horizon Europe. It outlines the rationale for establishing these Partnerships and their distinction from the other collaborative funding instruments.
Course image Introduction to "Excellent Science"
Pillar 1

Throughout this course, you will get basic knowledge about Pillar 1’s programmes - ERC, MSCA and Research Infrastructures- . You will be able to signpost your clients to the Pillar 1 programmes that are relevant to them and point out the important

Course image L&F elements of the EIC Accelerator
Pillar 3

This course covers, from a legal and financial perspective, the EIC accelerator instrument from Horizon Europe. This course is specially designed for L&F NCPs interested in knowing the nuances of the instrument compared to the typical collaborative projects, including its investment part, which is unique under Horizon Europe.

Course image EIT crash course for NCPs
Pillar 3

Do you know the opportunities offered by the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) and its Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KIC)?

The course will help you to navigate into the complex EIT landscape, and to find the important information that you may need about it. All of it, in a fast and smooth way.

Course image Mastering budget preparation in HE projects
Legal and financial issues

A well-set budget is one of the key elements of successful HE project implementation but also one of the most complex elements.

The course brings guidance through the overall budgeting process during the HE project proposal preparation phase with regard to the different forms of funding (actual costs, lump sums, unit costs) and project schemes (RIA, IA, CSA, ERC, MSCA).

Course image Participants in HE projects
Legal and financial issues

Would you like to know more about the conditions for participation in HE projects and the different types of participants?

This course contains extensive information about which entities and from which countries can participate in HE projects, as well as the rules and characteristics of the consortium.

Course image From topic idea to proposal submission
Proposal preparation-submission-evaluation

A major part of an NCP’s job is to advise on project ideas and proposal writing.

Therefore, it is very important to understand the entire journey from a call topic and proposition of an idea, the development of a project idea, the process of writing and the submission within the Horizon Europe portal.

Course image Gender dimension in R&I for Horizon Europe NCPs


The importance of including a gender dimension in Horizon Europe’s R&I projects is undeniable. However, it is not an undemanding challenge, and it requires guidance from experts. This course will provide you with the basic concepts and criteria to include a gender dimension in Horizon Europe’s R&I projects.

Course image Ethics in Research and Research Integrity

In this course, you will learn about the concepts of research integrity and research misconduct, the ethically sensitive areas in research, and the eligible activities supported by Horizon Europe. This course also covers information about the Ethics Review Procedure in Horizon Europe.

Course image Welcome in your new life as an NCP
NCP skills

Are you a newly nominated NCP and you would like to understand better your role and expected activities?

If so, please, enroll to this course and you will get all the information you need to successfully perform your new role.

Course image Welcome to your new role as Partner Country NCP
NCP skills

This course has the aim of informing EU Partner Countries NCPs about their role within the Horizon Europe programme and the expected activities that will be required from them, as well as the main support services that EU Partner Countries NCPs should guarantee to their clients.

Course image Quick course through the tools of the Funding and Tenders Portal
NCP skills

The course presents the use of the Funding and Tenders portal in terms of searching for new funding opportunities, identifying partners, finding sources of support, and submitting proposals. The  Horizon Dashboard's applications are also explained.